Are you tired of trying out different ways to reach your health goals and nothing quite working out? Believe me, I’ve been there. Yet now my friends, family and colleagues keep asking me about my eating habits and changed, more positive attitude.

Before I got to where I am now, I’ve gone through my fair share of diets and struggled with motivation, trying to look and feel good in my body and in my mind. But nothing quite seemed to work and it frustrated me to no end. I spent so much time trying new ways of eating, reading up on nutrition and different types of foods, and yet the only ‘results’ I got were either temporary or not sustainable. It was tough and I was miserable. Deep down I knew that being healthy should improve my happiness so was I approaching it the wrong way?

After spending a few years actively working on myself and my self-development – which is a constant work in progress for me – I felt a deep need to share what I’ve learned. Even though I’m not perfect and nowhere near done with my work on improving myself and becoming who I truly want to be, I know the tools I’ve been using, resources I’ve discovered and things I’ve realized can be useful to many of you.

So let me help you out by sharing an online health course with you. Below you'll find the link to the contents of the course and the story behind me creating it.