Healthy veggie smoothie bowl recipes

Healthy veggie smoothie bowl recipes

Hi there, friends! For a while now, I’ve been adding vegetables to my smoothies in the morning. Not only are veggie smoothies healthy but often they make the smoothie consistency thicker, which is great if you’re going for a smoothie bowl! And it's an awesome and somewhat sneaky way to get these extra veggies in, isn't it? I do enjoy being sneaky.



Healthy veggie smoothie bowl recipes

What vegetables are good for smoothies?

My go-to vegetables are raw zucchini, frozen kale or spinach, and cooked cauliflower (but you can also use a frozen version). Considering that spinach and kale both contain iron, they make an especially great combination with fruit in a smoothie because iron absorption increases due to the presence of vitamin C. The type of veggies you’ll use also depends on how powerful your blender is, of course – I know mine can’t handle too many frozen ingredients at once.

Ready for some recipes?

I rarely measure the amount of fruit/veggies and other ingredients I use for my smoothies, so these recipes will not be very accurate or specific, but feel free to check out the basic smoothie recipe to figure out the ratios if you’re just starting out or if you prefer to know the exact amounts.


The ultimate green smoothie

My absolutely favorite smoothie is, of course, green. I often make it when I’m lazy and don’t really feel very inventive – which is funny, considering that this “lazy” smoothie includes so many nutritious ingredients!


To make it, simply blend together bananas, frozen kale or spinach, raw chopped zucchini, and mango, with the addition of plant milk or water, and optional protein powder (refer to the basic smoothie recipe for exact amounts). The result is incredibly creamy and so delicious! Feel free to add a bit of spirulina powder for an extra nutrition kick. Top with granola or cooked oats, more fruit and you’re in for a great breakfast!


Cauliflower berry smoothie

I know many people still get freaked out by the idea of adding cauliflower to their smoothie but, trust me, you can’t taste it at all while you’re still eating vegetables for breakfast – not bad, huh?


To the smoothie base of bananas, plant milk/water and optional protein powder, add your favorite berries (I prefer mine frozen) and cooked (or frozen) cauliflower – don’t be scared to use quite a bit of it, the more the creamier!

Do you feel more tempted to try adding veggies to your breakfast smoothie? Let me know if you do!

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