What to do when you’re having a bad day


You know that moment when you seem to get into a really bad mood almost out of nowhere? Or when you wake up feeling sad for seemingly no reason? Or when practically everything in your day is going wrong? We all get those instances and sometimes they are so overwhelming that they make you feel like you’re not able to overcome them. So these are my tips to help you feel better and more positive, from as many perspectives as I could think of!


What to do when you’re having a bad day

Write down what’s worrying you

And leave that for later! Sometimes it’s worth to talk about your problems but other times you just feel like getting over your bad mood fast and dealing with the serious stuff later. Or maybe there isn’t even a particular reason why you’re upset. Either way, if you know what’s gotten you into that bad mood or even suspect what might have caused it, note it down. It will make you less anxious as you’ll be starting to deal with the problem by trying to identify the possible causes.


Move your body

This could be either going for a walk, doing a workout – whether intense or slow – or even just doing some light stretching to get your blood flowing. Sometimes all we need is a change of environment so a walk or run outside usually does the trick. Otherwise, if you can’t do that because of lousy weather or any other reasons, try doing a quick workout or even a spontaneous dancing session in your bedroom!


Take a bath

Or a shower if you’re as unfortunate as me and don’t have a bathtub! #firstworldproblems, I know… The heat of the water and the scent of a shower gel can help you relax easily. If you find that your thoughts wander into the negativity, add some music – check out the next point.


Listen to uplifting music

None of the sad and depressing songs please! You don’t have to go for annoyingly upbeat music, just choose your favorite – but still relatively happy and energizing – songs. Add some dancing to it or just cuddle up in bed or on a couch with a cozy blanket.


Watch a movie

If you have some time to spare, watching a movie could be a great way to distract you from whatever’s on your mind that’s stressing you out. You enter somebody else’s reality and temporarily don’t have to worry about your own! Neat trick, huh? Not very sustainable in the long-term but oh well, sometimes we just need a quick fix to be able to face the serious stuff later.


Cook a delicious and healthy meal

Sometimes we get irritable and sad simply because we’re hungry, even if we don’t feel it. So a good healthy meal tends to fill you up but also lift your mood and bring a feeling of comfort. Again, think of nutritious stuff like veggies, whole grains, proteins, fibers and healthy fats – they will make you more satiated and overall calm than loading yourself full of sugar and other processed ingredients.


Do what you know usually relaxes you

It could be watching YouTube videos from your favorite channel, reading a good book or chatting with a friend. In the end, it’s all about knowing what comforts you, without these things being destructive to you – like mindless eating, drinking or smoking. There are so many simple activities that can turn your mood around so go for these instead!

So, have you tried many of these before? Got any favorites that always work? Or did I miss something? Definitely let me know so we can improve this list!

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