Well, hello!

So happy you’re here! No, honestly - I’m really glad you stumbled upon this blog because it’s a space that’s dedicated to helping YOU with whatever you might need in terms of nutrition, positivity, exercise, motivation, etc. - you name it! I went through my fair share of ups and downs in those areas and it wasn’t pretty, and it definitely wasn't easy to develop a healthier mindset and better habits in order to get out of there. I’m a person who can feel down and demotivated quite easily but, also, I very rarely give up and if I really, really want something, I will do my best and even more to achieve it. So I began to do what I do really well - research, research, research. I conducted my tiny investigations into all the issues and topics that interested, bothered or worried me, tried stuff out and finally found what worked for me. I am not a dietitian, nutritionist, personal trainer, coach or any other certified health professional - that is to say, all the information and advice provided on this blog comes from what I’ve learned and experienced personally.

In my journey to become the best, healthiest and happiest version of myself, I found some particular things very helpful and effective while others… well, not so much. This is why I want to show you only what really, really worked for me - but, of course, everyone is unique and might respond to these things differently so, for this reason, this space will be divided into several areas so you can choose which ones interest you and speak to you the most:

NUTRITION/FOOD - not recipes but posts about, for example, choosing what way of eating is the best for you, for your personality, body, lifestyle, etc., as well as general information on nutrition that are helpful in figuring out how to take care of your body

RECIPES - delicious, nutritious foods; my preferred way of eating is plant-based which doesn’t in any way mean that I want to impose that on you if you don’t feel good about the idea - but it still doesn’t hurt to try yummy and easy to make dishes, right?

MOVEMENT/EXERCISE - different forms of movement that will make you feel better, both physically and mentally, adjusted to fit your lifestyle and daily schedule

LIFE HACKS/USEFUL TIPS - things I’ve figured out during my health journey that I apply in my life daily, whether it’s about implementing a diet, a new workout routine or recognizing and stopping your cravings

SELF-DEVELOPMENT/GROWTH - my tried and tested ways of boosting your mood, increasing motivation and overall feeling of satisfaction, productivity and happiness (including awesome self-help book recommendations and motivating quotes!)

Because I researched (and continue to research) those topics thoroughly and found what worked for me, I can’t help but want to share it with more people in the hopes that this information will help someone who might be just a little bit lost at the moment and needs some positivity or advice in their life. Whether you’re struggling with body image issues, an eating disorder, or just lack of motivation to get your life together - I’m here to help to the best of my abilities.

I’m going to be posting each week in one of the categories mentioned above. So check in weekly or, better yet, sign up for post notifications - I won’t send you any unnecessary content other than useful info, I promise!

If you have any questions, please don’t be shy and ask away, really, ALL questions are welcome! I plan to gather them up and post answers to the most commonly asked ones to benefit you but also as many other people as possible. If your issue is a bit more sensitive or private, feel free to message me directly.

The ultimate goal of this blog is to make as many people aware of this positive, motivating and empowering space I’m in the process of creating. So, if you are enjoying the content (to be) published here, spread the word so we can help more people, together! Don’t forget to sign up for post reminders so you don’t miss any of my positivity and nutrition goodness! The first post is up right now for you to enjoy, go ahead and give it a read, and be sure to tell me what you thought!

And you know what? You’re such a brave, awesome and unstoppable human being! You’re already making a step forward by being here and finding out more about how to become a better version of yourself. How cool is that? Let me tell you, it’s very cool! Kudos to you! We’ll catch up soon at the next post and, in the meantime, leave me a comment, I’m super curious to know what you’re thinking right now!

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