Do affirmations really work?

So lately I’ve dived into a couple of new self-development books which I can’t wait to shortly review for you guys. Before that happens though, you should definitely check out the list of 4 books that changed my life which I wrote about some time ago. These new reads made me think a lot about affirmations recently. If you’re not familiar with what they are, it’s basically a concept that repeating specifically constructed sentences about yourself, your body, your life, etc., will help you positively affect and change your conscious and subconscious mind.


So, do affirmations really work?


To be honest, it’s not a foolproof method which you can follow step by step and expect to get results regardless of whether you believe in the process or not. In my opinion, it’s all about your mindset and attitude. After all, affirmations are very much related to positive thinking and being able to distinguish negative thoughts from the positive ones, and effectively separate them in your mind so the negative doesn’t overpower everything else. And it’s not so easy to tune out self-doubt, others’ negative comments that are stuck in your head or the society’s disapproval. But it’s not like we are consciously deciding to let these thoughts affect us – or are we?

Not doing anything to stop such thoughts is almost like inviting them in, telling them to settle comfortably in your consciousness because, hey, there won’t be much resistance from your side, will there? On the other hand, giving too much attention to those negative thoughts won’t do you any good either. Instead, choose to let them be and focus two, three, hundred times more on the positive. Tell yourself what you love and appreciate about yourself, be grateful for what you have and embrace it, revel in it.


Follow these steps to make affirmations really work for you:

Think of the parts of yourself that you tend to criticize the most. Let them flow freely in your head. Is it “I am not skinny enough”, “I don’t have enough money”, “Nobody loves me”, “I hate my job”, “I can’t do it”, or something along those lines?

Now turn these thoughts around. There’s always something good to be found even in the worst situations. Think about that! Then say to yourself, “I have a beautiful, slim body”, “I have more than enough money”, “I am loved by so many people in so many different ways”, “I have an amazing new job”, “I am capable of anything”.

Repeat those sentences as a guide, or whatever is true for you, as many times as it takes for you to believe what you’re saying. And the more difficult it is to say it, the more it hurts, the closer you’re getting to overcoming a particular difficulty. It wouldn’t hurt if it didn’t mean a lot to you, would it?

Getting validation from yourself and needing none from the outside world is a wonderful feeling. Believe me, by practicing affirmations and actually believing in them you can effectively change your mindset and outlook on life, and these affect your actions tremendously.

So what are you thinking right now? If you were skeptical about affirmations before, what’s your take on them now? Definitely doesn’t hurt to try, right?

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