Best motivational resources for 2018 (so far)

Best motivational resources for 2018 (so far)

Woohoo, the first post of 2018! Okay, I admit I am a little late but I'm bringing you a post with amazing resources that are bound to boost your motivation levels this month!

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If you've read my previous post about my favorite motivational resources of last month, you know I've been obsessed with podcasts. They are incredibly powerful, packed with relevant and helpful information that you can listen to on your way to school or work, while doing the dishes or cleaning, so you're multitasking and never feel like you're wasting time. They are also funny and always bring a smile to my face as I feel I'm getting to know the hosts and their podcast better.

Another resource which I definitely want to mention is YouTube. I've gained an incredible amount of information and practical tips from this platform, whether in relation to health and nutrition or fitness and self-development. The channels listed below are not necessarily new to me but they definitely had a positive impact on my life last year and are still valuable to me this year.

So here are my favorite resources for 2018!


Best motivational resources for 2018 (so far)

The Minimalists Podcast

I've never considered myself a minimalist and you don't have to, either, to find this podcast useful. Josh and Ryan talk about how getting rid of clutter and unnecessary things can help us focus on figuring out what's really important and meaningful in our lives. Sounds too deep? Well, just think about it. If you aren't surrounded by unnecessary objects and live in a cleaner, more organized space, you're less likely to get distracted and so you can focus on things that actually matter to you. It's similar to the feeling of mental clarity and calm that you get after cleaning your apartment or even your desk. Simple, right?

They discuss topics like career, money, health, education, relationships, technology, and many more that are incredibly easy to relate to and so, so useful. So definitely check out their podcast if you want to find more meaning in your life. And possibly get rid of clutter - cause it helps, believe me.


Nourishing Women Podcast

I've only recently come across this podcast by Meg and Victoria, and it struck me how unabashed and fearless they are when discussing quite serious and very important topics. They talk about eating disorders, including their personal stories, and how they managed to recover and start eating intuitively - but it's not a 'quick fix' tale where they promote products; they share their own perspectives and admit to how long it took them but genuinely want to help you recover faster by sharing their tips and learnings.

Many of these topics, such as the dieting culture, binge eating, various health, digestive and hormonal issues, and also body image, are getting more and more exposure on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, but it's always empowering and uplifting to hear such honest conversations, which can really make you realize you aren't the only one who is going through such issues and that it is possible to overcome them for good.


Natacha Océane

It might seem like Natacha's channel is focused just on fitness and, if that's not your thing, it's easy to just click away - but don't do that just yet! When you look deeper, her videos are unlike other YouTubers'. She's genuine and often shares her personal experiences to help her audience overcome fitness, weight loss and body image related problems. And boy, do her videos help!

I can honestly say that some of her talks really changed my perception of nutrition and exercise, such as How I overcame an eating disorder, Improving your metabolism, and How to build muscle and keep losing fat - the last one being probably the most important and informative.

If you've ever struggled with binge eating, overeating, have a negative relationship with food and/or exercise, definitely watch at least the videos that I linked above. Otherwise, Natacha's channel is full of helpful tips and information so check that out as well.


Cam and Nina

Last but not least, these guys are my absolute favorite people online - who I've never met but I still love and appreciate them and what they do. They are incredibly honest, funny and genuine, and so, so helpful. On their YT channel, they share easy and delicious recipes, combined with their own reflections on various topics like body image, nutrition, dieting, creativity and self-love. They don't just provide some great food ideas but it feels almost like you're entering this magical, inspirational and judgement-free zone when you watch their videos or read their posts.

Oh, and did I mentioned the music is amazing and you're bound to laugh and smile a lot? Also, be prepared to be inspired and in awe of the awesome world we live in and all the resources that are already available to you. That's Cam and Nina for you, always making us feel grateful and motivated.


So that's it, friends! I'm sure there are many more amazing resources I will have the chance to be exposed to this year but so far these are hands down the best ones - for me. What about you then, what are you favorite motivational tools? Do share!


Psst... If you already know the resources mentioned above and still want more motivation in your life, I have this awesome online course that will help you improve your well-being and overall health, motivation included! Why not check it out?

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