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Smoothies and Sunshine
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I created this blog to share my advice and experiences on how to change your lifestyle into a healthier one, in a sustainable way.

What is sustainable health then?

It's about improving both your physical and mental health, as well as motivation, to reach your specific health goals, and being able to sustain that in the long-term. This means no shortcuts or magical solutions but, rather, dedication and focus, figuring out what you really want, and then working towards it.

But how do you do that? And how do you know what you actually want?

It helps to stop and really think about your individual goals. What is it that would make you feel better and happier, not your family or friends, or the society in general, but you?

Because it's easier said than done, I created a short but effective online course to help and guide you through this process.

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Are you tired of trying out different ways to reach your health goals and nothing quite working out? Fed up and annoyed by expensive programs that promise miraculous results impossibly fast?

I know, I've been there. It's especially frustrating because some people seem to be doing just fine eating whatever they please, never thinking twice about it and actually doing their workouts, or rarely falling into negative thought patterns.

Well, first of all, not everything is always what it seems. And so, some problems are easier to solve than you might think.

You don't need to follow super complex diet plans, extremely tough workout routines, or strange motivational routines or rituals to feel great. Just as you don't need to deprive yourself of what you truly enjoy but rather, embrace what's good for you and get rid of what's not so great.

And guess what? I created an online course to help you achieve just that!

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